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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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were explosives design for whoever walk-in prayed to show this was a deliberative process by young men who wanted to do this almost was denied a membership to a gun club. the honor denied him because of his creepy voice mail that made him uncomfortable. we're also learning the the suspect's family won't give a public statement following his court appearance. i wanted to adjust to be a
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nightmare, just a dream. i do not wanted to be real. she went to a simple movie with by people and three of them got shot you can watch the full interview of 7:00 a.m. on cbs this morning right after our program people released balloons in the air after a vigil in colorado. this was following a visit by the president earlier in to the dinner. i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memory. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother, or their son or daughter was president obama's @ held nearly three hours of private
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meeting with the families. we will have a live report from colorado in just a few minutes. the president continued on to here in san francisco. cbs five lisa washington with more on tonight's fund-raising events in oakland president obama was originally scheduled to arrive here on monday morning. but after visiting colorado, yet shall arrived here last night. he prepares for an aggressive schedule here in the bay area. he will leave from san francisco to nevada. afterwards he will return to
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the bay area for three fund- raising events. one of them includes the fox the order in oakland. he will host a round table with tech leaders. tickets for the event up the fox theater cost as little as $100. protesters are expected in oakland this evening when the president speaks at the fox theater. it is near many canada's biggest businesses. we should also tell you that you should expect several road closures in downtown oakland in anticipation of the president's
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visit. mitt romney is waking up in the bay area as well. he at three fund-raisers are rare the weekend. yeah protesters outside each and every event romney's fund raisers were in woodside of services go where he was greeted by protesters as supporters of well he is interested in providing tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. we think that is wrong he just makes us feel good about the future romney troubles now of to england, israel and poland. he is trying to build up his credibility in the international stage as he visits with leaders.
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it is still going to be warm in spots, especially the inland dearest. livermore saw triple digits this weekend. we're still in the '60s especially in some of bark inland areas. temperature person, not quite as warm. you'll notice livermore coming in and around 92 degrees today. temperatures should be anywhere between 227 degrees lower than what we saw yesterday. here's a live look, so far so good. ollie 14 minutes to go between his word and foster city. 880, no problems.
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in and around oakland there will be closures in the up down district due to the president's visit to trade you may see some slight delays on the ac transit better on this afternoon. also roadwork around one no one and palo alto. the suspect in the colorado shooting spree, he will be in court lebron this morning. cbs five michelle has been in aurora pacolorado there have been visuals, many visuals held last night included one at city hall. many it came out to remember the
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victims of the massacre. many came out to remember their lives. one of the victims included alex, he celebrated his 27th birthday by going to the movies. we're learning more about a 18 year-old obsolete from gateway high school, many gathered around his eyes cool to honor him. that died a hero jumping in front of his girlfriend to save her life. and the young this was veronica mozer, she was 6 years old par.
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her mother remains in the hospital under critical condition. we forgive him to president obama was in town for about three hours. he met privately with grieving families. he said that meeting with those family, words weren't really efficient, but it was an opportunity to describe how wonderful their loved ones weren't. . a tough week ahead of this guy goes to court today, but i believe the funerals are going
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to start as well? yes those are planned. you can see all the flags at half staff around here. it there were two women talking about it, they were practically in tears. now is really the time to heal. it seems like the community has really galvanized. it's really special. how about the theater, will the theater ever opened again? that's the big question right now, will lift? it's still too early to tell. there is still a crime scene tape around the theater. police are hoping they can gather the items and give them
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to families. only time will tell to see whether or not the third year will (. n.c.a.a. is expected to level finds in excess of $30 million. it will also likely include a ban on postseason play prayed yesterday the statue of paterno was removed from the campus. some people have placed phil and cardboard statues in its place. 60 people are without a home in san jose after a four alarm fire
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tore through a complex. it was reported on camden avenue last night. investigators say excess was a big factor. five residents suffered minor injuries. because of the fire is still under investigation. and what riders will start finding that bart stations. gps could have been helpful, how low,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the air force is investigating why it one of its large aircraft landed on the wrong runway. c-17 is, they're huge. they typically and on a 11,000 ft. runway per i.
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it later took off for its usual landing strip. right now the embarcadero station will be receiving a departure screen. i'm going to start of a situation in san jose. we're getting news of breaking news. it is on seventh street and washington. there are closures in the area. we will bring you more formation just as we did it. elsewhere in the south bay, in the bais nice. no delays so long to 80,
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everything looks good. milpitas to 37 was affected by this morning, they are rubbing elk. traffic is looking easy through the area. westbound has no delays toward the bay bridge toll plaza. roadwork scheduled for the lower deck of the bridge will start at 7:00. you may see some delays starting later on this afternoon. it is still going to be warm, and i stay. for the most part we're seeing partly cloudy skies. its stake in a while for the temperatures to cool down.
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it is still cool and some areas of the bay area. some areas remain hot, especially inland. we're watching this high- pressure system still in effects.. we have a stronger sea breeze that will bring as a gradual cooling trend over the wall work week. here in the bay area will stay dry. 83 in san jose. a high at about 86 in morgan hill. that would may still say the low 90s. pleasant hill coming in at 91 degrees. cooler around the bay, 65 in san francisco and 72 is your forecast of height and oakland. over the course of the work
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week, tuesday and wednesday, will be seasonal to mitscher's around the work week. 518 now, at least nine people are dead across i rocked today. 41 people were killed in a town just outside of baghdad. it comes just after the leaders of all kite it declared and new offensive. brian stow is expected to receive the lifetime care. the $50 million suit is expected to pay for his care. and he was stalled on the bay
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bridge on the bay bridge and charged with drunk driving. the they will be set for a jury trial. a 17 year-old girl is the august to ski to the south pole. just to get out there to the top of the eye and stand there with the torch. it was just incredible. earlier this week, it grabs kurcheered on a soccer star. in his heart stopped during a game earlier this year.
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and the one movie dominating a popular awards show. and with jews sacrificed and a dollar drink for a baseball? ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. check out this summer afternoons hyenas. we're still going to be warm in some places. concord and liver more are coming and in the low 90s. we have breaking news of a san jose, we want details on that in just a few minutes there she goes. that is the end of north highlands palace hotel. it was demolished yesterday's to make room for a new medical center.
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demolition experts say could take up to three months to clean up the implosion site. the twilight saba has won multiple awards again at the teen choice awards. stars of the film series were on hand to except some of the years awards. the twilights of the has now won 41 of the trophies since the movie has came out and 2008 coul. he saves the a dollar but beer and grabs the baseball occurre. he gets play of the day honors this monday prayed just a half-
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hour away, penn state pays the price of the penn state scandal. and a live report from a warranaurora of eight young her ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. a batman mask, the latest clue about the suspected colorado gunmen you could see the low clouds just outside the door this morning, you are going to see gradual cooling temperatures
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throughout your work week, more on that coming up we begin with some breaking news in the south bay. gianna is following some police activity we're going to start off with a map, it is located on seventh and washington. shots were fired and reported at this intersection. our photographer and has just arrived on scene. this is a very active scene. thises on seventh and washington. we are still waiting on san jose's public information officer to arrive on scene. we are attending to shots report on scene. 530 now, the suspect in the
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colorado shooting rampage appears in court three hours from now. james holmes is not cooperating with police. we know that jones has been assigned a public defender and even though he may not be speaking now, we do not know his family intends to speak out after his court appearance. he was attending the university of colorado as a neuroscience grab student. the school is looking into whether or not he use his students that it's to order materials for the shooting. the explosives were designed for
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anyone who's stepped inside it triggered by trip wire. all the evidence we have, every single indicator was felt this was mr. holmes is activity in the u.s. now particularly aided by anyone else homes tried to join a gun club. in his voice messaging system was so weird that it was rejected. and last night thousands came together for a vigil in aurora. they released balloons upon the vigil.
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the governor did refuse thto mention the alleged shooter's name. i have a chance to visit each family and most of the conversation was filled with memory. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother, or their son or daughter was president obama also met with people who are trying to recover from injuries in the shooting. michelle will have eight live report from colorado's in just a few minutes from now 533, the president is making a quick stop before making his way back to the bay. he has a busy schedule and
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deed. the president was supposed to arrive here in services go this morning, but after his visit to colorado he arrived to severances go last night. san francisco police as security as you could see parade president has an aggressive schedule. he will head to reno nevada and that he will return to the bay area. he will also attend the private fund raiser at a home in piedmont. he will host a round table with tech leaders. each of the tech leaders will power 38 cousin $500.
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protesters are expected at the fox theater. the fox theater is located in the uptown district where other cannabis businesses are as well. many downtown roads will be closed down in anticipation for the president's visits. if he could avoid the downtown oakland area this evening, that would be advised to do so good advice. 535, mitt romney also came to the bay area yesterday. protesters showed up aside his
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fund-raising locations could romney had to fund raisers in san francisco and another in woodside. mayor ronnie says that he is interested in providing tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations. we think that is wrong i hope that he is going to dismiss so good about the future romney will travel to england, is row m. polan next week where he is trying to build up his credibility in the international stage. at the door right now, you notice there was a little warm in spots this morning.
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over the week in you will notice 63 in concord. about 67 degrees up the door and oakland. we're still seeing some low clouds and oakland. fog. we're going to see low to mid '80s in the south bay. low 90s inland. coming up we will get a check with their seven day forecast and show you this gradual cooling trend. the murder spree of the colorado movie third repaired the community has come together to remember the victims. this is a community still in
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shock. there are still coming together. many prayer vigils were held to remember the victims. there is a growing memorial with balloons and candles. many people going by a sign that says " gone but not forgotten " also 25 year-old jessica, a aspiring sports journalist who survived last month's toronto's mall shooting. hundreds of mourners gathered at the 18 year olds memorial to honor him. we're also hearing story of heroism. one teenager tried to save 86
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year-old girl by giving her secure. the team tried to save the 6 year-old girl after an adult fell on top of are prepared a i was just begging to% to just please try, please because we have to get out of your she kept struggling until police arrived, some ugly veronica it did not survive. reinecke's mother is still in the hospital trying to recover parade and the colorado rockies and denver broncos are doing their part to help some of the victims' families. about 6 of the broncos went to the hospital yesterday in a warrant witof roy rut to meet we
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families of the victims. there's still some crime scene tape around the parking lot. police hope to get in there to clear out some of the items to give back to the families. after that it's hard to say what is going to happen to the theater. the question is whether not if it would still open. it's almost and a memorial right now the house i still loan is only about 50 minutes from here. we were talking about whether or not if we would go back if it reopened. i'm sure others are asking the same question
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penn state is preparing for severe an unprecedented penalties. source says the n.c.a.a. is expected to level finds in excess of $30 million. that will likely also include a ban on postseason play. the g8 statue of paternal was also removed. how do you think penn state should be penalized? sure your thoughts with us on facebook or twitter or you could e-mail us. 60 people are homeless after a four alarm fire tore through a apartment complex. it happened just after 9:00 last night it took about an hour-and-
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a-half to finally get it under control. 20 units were damaged. because of the fire is still under investigation and the shooting that sparked a violent outburst down in southern california. california. and how a project that could
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>> an angry crowd confronted anaheim police after officer shot and killed an unarmed man. police used rubber bullets and pepper spray after a crowd turned on them. two officers involved have now been placed on leave and the chief does not know what led to the shooting. >> wall street is kicking off another week in 45 minutes from now >> stock futures actually pointing lower on the opening. ashley morris in is here to talk about it. >> happy monday to you, asian markets are taking a big crop today on fears of the european
5:45 am
debt crisis and china's economic slowdown. japan dropped nearly 2 percent and the hang seng fell more than 3%. this week we will get important earnings reports, apple has results on thursday wall street is also bracing for grim news over economic growth. despite losing 121 points on friday the dow was up for the week. cargill beef is recalling 30,000 lbs. of ground beef that may contain salmonella. the 85 percent lean ground beef was produced in pennsylvania on may 25th. consumers should check their ground before dates between may 29th-june 16th. a survey of more than one dozen economists find the number of americans living in poverty will
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increase to levels last seen in the 1960's. the official rate in 2010 was 15.1 percent of those economists are predicting the party rate for 2011 will increase to 15.7%, even if there is an increase of one-tenth of a percent. he will have the highest poverty level we have seen since 1965. not the best news for a monday morning >> your full of good news >> everyone is happy to see me! >> the colorado shooting and some many people were planning on going to the movie, you have to wonder if it affected how much money abroad in over the weekend. >> warner brothers is not releasing the weekend box office report but box office insiders say the movie made an estimated $162 million this weekend, below expectations but still a record
5:47 am
for a two dimensional movie. out of respect they're not releasing the numbers but we're told that it did miss the estimates they were hoping for. >> there was some talk about pulling it out for a few weeks to let things fall into place but they let it go anyway. >> we want to check in with elisabeth >> it was hot over the weekend >> it was definitely hot, we sought triple digits as frank said in the east bay valleys so we will see a gradual cooling trend over the course of the workweek. it should be at least five degrees cooler in some spots today. it is still taking a while for temperatures to cool down in the inland areas. a lot of low sixties in the
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inland locations. will see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and it will feel warm. we still have high pressure in effect but we have a stronger sea breeze that will bring us gradual cooling over the course of the week. low pressure is bringing some rain to parts of the central valley but we are nice and dry in the bay area. mid-80s in morgan hill and san jose and otherwise, a hot spots will be in the east bay. walnut creek, pleasant hill coming in at 91, 92 degrees respectively. it will feel a little bit cooler around the coast and the bay. mid-60s and places like san francisco. the will see more seasonal temperatures as the wheat continues with slightly warmer weather by the weekend.
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>> we will go live right now to breaking news we have been keeping our on, a large police presence in san jose at seventh street and washington. intersections have been blocked off, avoid it if you can. a better view of the area on seventh and washington. as far as freeways go, no more problems in the south bay. no delays retinol long to 80 or 85. if you are headed towards the golden gate bridge, good news, and no delays to report. a nice ride out of marin county. mass-transit is right on time. no delays to report. ac transit buses will be rerouted this afternoon due to the presidential visit in oakland. 80 is not doing too badly as
5:50 am
you work your way towards the maze. southbound is an easy ride this morning. >> a decision could come today on whether a new las vegas style card room casino can open in san jose. owners have been waiting since march to get in, at stake is over 300 new jobs. >> i think it is good for the community, we are here to bring chairs around here and basically helping us out. >> ahead of the division of gaming control tells the mercury news that owners have frustrated oversight efforts. he is concerned about a top floor that limits police responsibility and a surveillance system that may not meet city requirements.
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a big weekend for baseball, the first team to do it in nine years. a big milestone. it >> on unexpected visitor that caused chaos at a shopping mall. we'll show you pictures when we get back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> thanks for waking up with us. we are live on their roof and we see the mid-50s around san francisco with partly cloudy skies. still some low clouds and fog over the base we will see a gradual cooling trend. coming up, a look at the 7 day
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forecast >> streets in san jose are blocked off at seventh street and washington due to shots fired. we will bring you more details in just a few minutes. >> yesterday, shoppers were forced to evacuate a pennsylvania mall after they saw a black bear cub that was spotted inside a store noticed him before on o'clock last night. after the area was cleared of shoppers, animal control experts moved in and they were able to tranquilize the bear. officers are still not sure exactly how he got in the store but i'm guessing use the door. >> the oakland a's got a big win before their home town fans to finish off a four game sweep of the new york yankees.
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>> a base hit, the a's are going to do it again! >> coco crisp, a big hit to lockean the winning run in the 12th inning. the a's rallied from four runs down to stun the yankees. oakland is the first team in nine years to sweep the yankees in a four game series. the giants lost in extra innings but they had a big weekend also. >> in the next half-hour, a community comes together.
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>> good morning. >> shots fired in downtown san jose this morning. >> the suspect in the deadly movie massacre just 90 minutes from his first court appearance. those stories and more in your morning minute. >> our city will be stronger in the greater because of our diversity >> the community coming together to remember the victims of the theater shooting massacre >> it is an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was. >> as the suspect makes his first court appearance today. >> it was a deliberate process >> stories of heroism coming out


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